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TO ENQUIRE RE BOOKING A DANCER : Phone :Yasmini (07-33915873), Azziza (07-33594680), Princess Shahara (07-33690832)


Student troupes through to professional performers are available for a variety of functions.

To enquire regarding your requirements, booking and fees:

Phone : Azziza (07-33594680),

Brisbane Restaurants that currently feature bellydancers
(Phone to check with your chosen restaurant first to see if a dancer is employed for the night you are wishing to attend !)

Ahmets (Turkish) Shop 10/164 Grey St South Bank (Ph 3846 6699) Dancer Friday & Saturday 8.30pm

Ahmets (Turkish) 136 Oxford St Bulimba (Ph 3395 8600). Dancer 7.45pm Friday & Saturday

Efendis - Shop D6 Lakeside 7-13 Bunker Rd Victoria Point. (Ph 3820 884) Dancer 7.45pm Friday & Saturday (check with restaurant). Seniors discount with printed leaflet from their site

Topkapi (Turkish) Brunswick St Mall dancer Fri and Sat 7.30

Mado dancer 8.30pm (which night TBA)

Kapsali (Greek) Southbank. (Ph 3846 1804) Dancer 8.30pm Fri & Sat

Ottoman Cafe Dancer 9pm Fri & Sat)

Sultan's Turkish Family Restaurant 2125 Sandgate Rd, Boondall, dancer fri & sat 8.30 - Sultan's Turkish Family Restaurant

Efes One (turkish) 293 sandgate Rd, Albion dancer fri & sat 8pm



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